About Amzbit

The name of our initiative is Amzbit - the mashup of eCommerce shopping and Bitcoin earning.

Our invite only Membership Community will help you learn how to get a Bitcoin Wallet and how to become a Prosumer...(Pro) promote and shop (consumer).

Amzbit is a Decentralized Membership Based Community of eCommerce shopping promoters. What does this mean?

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  • ENROLL...

  • to unlock access to the Free Bitcoin rewards we offer


means the payments are not controlled or routed through a central authority. We do our best to keep the Bitcoin (your money) in your control and not ours. We do collect a small amount from each internal sale (like the Smart Subscription) to apply to incentive programs and we do collect and distribute the eCommerce commissions from the Vendors to be converted to Bitcoin and distributed...

Membership Based

means our community is made up of only those who have been invited to participate. If you decide to use Amzbit as a means to produce an income in Bitcoin as a business, you can rest assured that when we advertise it is for public shoppers to fill the pool of commissions we share with you and not to find new Members. You are able to bring in Registered Customers and Members once you purchase ...


means helping Amzbit to get the word out about our company and the eCommerce platform we are building. Simply providing a product review once a month to keep the site fresh with new content, or buying the internal products like the Smart Subscription and letting others know how great those are will earn you a portion of ... vaous vendors we work with.will be rewarded for inviting them in even if you. ...

Why Promote Amzbit?

  • Amzbit provides access to eCommerce sites like the leaders in eCommerce, Amazon.com, Walmart.com as well as others through an informative, Live Better shopping access portal.

  • Amzbit provides access to Amzbit specific products like the Smart Subscription, Live Better Products, Videos, Courses and Online Books where Members earn through our Compensation Plan.

  • Amzbit Members can shop on the popular eCommerce sites like normal, after clicking through our Portal first, to add to the reward pools...no matter what is purchased after clicking any link on our site.

  • Amzbit Customers may leave a product review once a month or become an Affiliate to earn their share of the associate reward pools Amzbit recieves from all vendor sales that month.

Why Bitcoin?

  • Bitcoin... is the proven currency of the future. Other currencies exist and may become used for more transactional purposes, but Bitcoin is expected to remain the one you use to store your wealth.

  • Bitcoin... is projected to continue rising over time! Some experts have predicted that Bitcoin will be valued at $1Million each in the future.

  • Bitcoin... is like a Swiss Bank Account in Your Pocket that can't be seized from you.

  • Bitcoin... is a Decentralized Payment System that is now accepted as payment at an increasing number of places and even has credit cards you can use to spend your Bitcoin almost anywhere.