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Customer Reviews

I was motivated to get this book by the fact it was a Simon Sinek book so I did not think too hard just did it. Many books say they are practical guides and then end up being not so practical, so I was very surprised that it really was a very very practical how-to guide. You just need to follow the steps and you will find your why. It really does deliver what it says it will and I guess that’s not surprising as that’s the Why of the authors

Reading this was a life changer for me. Helped me get through a very challenging time as well as strengthen my faith. Extremely easy to read (like a novel), no esoteric language or terminology - just like having a conversation. I took the approach of reading a chapter a day (~10 min) to not overwhelm myself and maintain focus. Rick Warren explains things in such a clear way that I wish this book existed when I was younger.

John Maxwell is not only a great teacher and communicator, he is humorous. We use this Leadership Training course for part of the final LEADERSHIP Unit in our non-profit ministry, Christian Horse-lover's Club Inc. (CHC Inc.) The CHC Inc. curriculum is a 41/2 year discipleship program that teaches the Bible truths using the venue of horses. After the member completes 16 other Units they become a Jr. Leader for one year and this workbook has worked great our girls who are in 8th to 10th grade. They enjoy his easily understood and often humorous teaching style and I've seen them apply these principles in high school.

The authenticity of Gary's journey shows how he lives The Happiness Formula. Thrilled to have Gary's message available to everyone via his new book. You will be riveted by the stories and insights to help you create a live overflowing with gratitude and connection.

In Rising Strong, Brene Brown explores how to reset your life when you've experienced adversity. This book was very timely for me to read because of some tough experiences I've had n this last year. Reading through it gave me valuable techniques to draw on as I work through those experiences. It's helped me work through some tough emotions and behavior patterns and provided me a way forward. I'd highly recommend this book to anyone dealing with some life changing struggles, who needs some guidance on how to move forward, but also to anyone who wants to improve how they work through difficult situations.

Despite the controversial title, it's not a "get rich quick book". It's about working hard, but working hard in a meaningful and efficient way. For example, if you don't want a million bucks in a bank account but a small automated (or semi-automated) business to support simple and happy lifestyle then you don't have to work your face off every day for 10 years. Right? Hard work is defined by your own goals and ambitions (and not by how much time somebody else put in the work with 10X of your needs in life). The great thing about this book is that it can be applied not only to business but to personal productivity in general: In last few years, I managed to lower my working hours (I'm a web developer; went from full-time to part-time) while increasing total salary (more than 3X) and launching my own small business (around online software). Just be aware, that this book is just a foundation to see new options in life and start asking a different kind of questions. For a specific skillset (which depends on who you are and your goals in life) I suggest reading other books in combination with the 4HWW.